The Features of DecidingToBeBetter Communities

by Marshall Brain

Every DecidingToBeBetter Community is unique, and there are many different flavors, as discussed on this page. However, there is a common set of features shared by all DecidingToBeBetter Communities. These features include:

In other words, DecidingToBeBetter members pick aspects of their own lives that they hope to improve, as well as aspects of their communities and the world that they want to be better, and they work to make them better. They are deciding to be better each day. DecidingToBeBetter members often pick a problem they would like to help solve. They might join an effort already underway to solve the problem. They might find like-minded people and begin a new effort to solve the problem. They might work individually to solve the problem. This same mindset holds true for any kind of project, whether it is a small personal enrichment project or a attempt to completely eliminate the problem of global hunger in our world. In all of these efforts, we are deciding to be better, both individually and as a species.

We gather together as a DecidingToBeBetter Community to help ourselves, to help each other, to help our local community and to help the world.