DecidingToBeBetter is open to all

by Marshall Brain

DecidingToBeBetter membership is open to all. We will accept into our membership anyone who is willing to commit to the pursuit of the highest integrity and highly ethical behavior. What this means is that DecidingToBeBetter membership welcomes everyone:

The huge advantage of this type of diversity and openness is the fact that it gives you a chance to talk to, work with and hear the ideas of a wide variety of people, all of whom share a common interest in becoming better personally and making the world a better place.

There is a book called "Finding Joy" by Dr. Charlotte Kasl that offers a perspective on the advantages of openness, tolerance and diversity.

Thus there is not, and never shall be, a DecidingToBeBetter "extremist" or "fundamentalist". You cannot be an ethical person, a person of integrity, while screaming at someone else or killing someone else because they do not believe the same things you believe. It is impossible to be doing good works and making the world a better place while accusing half of the world of being idiots. There are better ways for humans to communicate.

Note that there is a difference between belief and facts. "I believe that the world is flat" is factually incorrect, because it is a fact that the earth is a sphere. This fact is proven in a thousand different ways. Therefore, no one is required to agree with your belief in a flat earth. However, "we can have love and respect for people who are different."

By the same token, when something is immoral, unethical and wrong, that wrong needs to be addressed and if possible eliminated. If there is genocide occurring somewhere in the world, the people responsible for the atrocity should be called out for it and stopped. There is no room or reason to tolerate genocide, or any other type of unethical behavior.

At the Rally to Restore Sanity, Jon Stewart put it this way:

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We are all in this together. Our differences make us stronger by allowing us to look at things from many different perspectives.